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‘“We have more homeless per capita than similar states… because we have not built enough housing in the State of Washington,” Governor Inslee said. “We have to build more housing” of all types for all income levels.’

The Cascadia Daily News

If you’re confused by the language city planners use and the processes they follow to create policies around housing, you are not alone.

To help fix Bellingham’s housing crisis, it’s important to first understand how policies get made. 

Building has not kept up with demand. Currently, there are not enough homes to support Bellingham’s residents.

Housing for Bellingham is a central space that provides up-to-date information about Bellingham’s housing and development policies.

This site is a community resource that works to explain the fundamental processes and terminology associated with housing related decisions in effort to inform the public.

Learn More About the Issues

Take a deeper dive and examine the issues related to Bellingham’s housing crisis and learn about the fundamental processes cities and states use to plan for growth.

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Contact your Bellingham City Council representative and tell them you support a proactive plan for sustainable growth.

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